swimming pool design and construction

Refurbishment and adaptation of public and private swimming pools

We specialise in the refurbishment and adaptation of public and private swimming pools, offering customised solutions that ensure safety and compliance with current regulations. 

We are committed to transforming existing pools into modern and functional spaces, reflecting our passion for excellence in every project.

Adaptation of swimming pools to current regulations

Keeping your aquatic facilities up to date with constantly evolving regulations is essential. Our pool adaptations are based on a combination of technical expertise and creativity, ensuring that every aspect of your pool meets the required standards.

From retrofitting filtration systems to optimising security, our retrofit solutions are designed to bring peace of mind and renew the environment.

Whether your pool needs an aesthetic upgrade, improvements to its filtration system or adaptations to comply with current regulations, we fuse technical innovation with safety, ensuring your pool meets legal requirements and offers a safe and enjoyable environment.

Compliance with regulations is essential to ensure the safety of all users. Our approach to adapting swimming pools to current regulations goes beyond simple compliance.


Swimming pool reforms in Cantabria

Our Cantabria pool refurbishment process begins with a detailed consultation, where we work with you to understand your objectives and requirements. We assess the current state of the pool and associated systems, such as filtration, lighting and safety.

At Piscinor we understand the importance of keeping swimming pools in optimum condition in Cantabria, whether for aesthetic, functional or safety reasons. With years of experience in the design, construction and renovation of swimming pools, we pride ourselves on offering refurbishment services that address various aspects to improve the pool and adapt it to today's needs.

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