Swimming pool maintenance

At Piscinor, we understand that proper maintenance is essential to keep your pool in top condition all year round. Our approach to pool maintenance covers a wide spectrum of tasks, from regular pool cleaning and checking chemical levels to inspecting and maintaining equipment such as pumps, filters and heating systems. 

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and personalised service that is tailored to the specific needs of your pool and the changing conditions of the area.

Swimming pool maintenance in Cantabria

Whether you have a private pool at home or manage a public pool in Cantabria, our highly trained team will keep your facilities impeccable.

We inspect and maintain your pool's vital components, such as pumps, filters and heating systems. Our attention to detail and our experience in the Cantabria region allow us to anticipate and address any potential problems before they become an inconvenience.

At Piscinor, we understand the importance of efficiency and sustainability. That's why we integrate energy and water conservation practices into our maintenance service, helping you to reduce operating costs and minimise your environmental impact.

Our commitment to excellence and care ensures that your pool is ready to enjoy at all times.


Maintenance of public and private swimming pools

we carry out rigorous inspections and detailed maintenance of every vital component of public and private pools. From pumps and filters to heating systems and accessories. We have years of experience so we understand the importance of anticipating potential problems and preventing inconveniences to give you a worry-free pool experience.

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